Iranian blogger attacked in New Delhi

اسناد حقوق بشرIranian blogger attacked in New Delhi

Iranian blogger attacked in New Delhi

Iranian blogger attacked in New Delhi

Sat 6 04 2013

Two unidentified motorcyclists mounted a vicious assault on Iranian blogger and peace activists in exile, Vandad Oladiazimi, on Wednesday, March 14 in New Delhi and left him wounded. The assailants reportedly went at Vandad with a hard object from behind. According to an Indian police report, the acitivist and his wife received anonymous telephone threats before the attack. The Indian police is trying to trace the person or persons who made threatening phone calls.

The activist reports that he had no chance to inform the police before the attack about the threats since his wife had a surgery at the hospital. On Wendsday he left his house to buy medicine, when he felt a sudden punch on his back. He said this is the second time that he has been attacked in India. The exiled and committed political activist and blogger continued his political activities in India.

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